As well as weddings dresses a bride must choose her wedding favors. This can be a difficult decision, it is made doubly so by the amazing variety of wedding favors that are available nowadays. One unique option is to buy personalized poker chips. You can have your names and dates added to the chips, you could even add a small picture if you wanted. These can then be kept by the relations as lucky chips, either to use in gaming or as a lucky trinket to keep in their purse.

Another option you could look at would be candles. Everyone loves candles so not only would your wedding favors be attractive, they would also prove to be useful to your guests. You could even get the color of the candle to match your weddings dresses. This example is approximately $3.

Many people link bells to weddings. You can hear the church bells chiming on your special day, bells also symbolize luck. Why not have wedding bell favors? Again, your guests can keep them as lucky charms. Many people love to use wedding favors as lucky charms as they symbolize such happiness for two of their friends or family. The following example is approximately $1.15, so they would fit into the tightest budget.

One of the most amazing wedding favors I have seen, my friend had them at her wedding last summer, is the Potpourri Invitation in a Bottle. Like the title suggests this can also be used as wedding invitations, you can have the secret message in the bottle personalized with your invitation details. These are more commonly used as wedding favors and I think you will have to agree, they are definitely unique. Imagine if you had a beach wedding theme, so you have beach centerpieces on the table and then these amazing favors. What will surprise you even further is that they are less than $4!!

There are so many options out there to choose from. All I can suggest is that you keep looking until you find a favor that calls out to you. Your perfect favors are out there waiting to be found.