Although the wedding is a special day in one’s life, the days preceding the wedding day can drive you crazy. With numerous things to pay attention to, the success of a wedding depends on proper planning on the part of the couples. If you are planning to have a wedding soon, here are some tips on how to go about planning a wedding.

Budget, Timeline And Checklist

1) Set a budget: Prepare a budget and stick to it. When making the budget, avoid being too extravagant with the cash you don’t have by keeping your wishes realistic. Be ready to be flexible and to give priority to important things in order to cut down on wedding costs. You can make less important things on your own.

2) Prepare a checklist: You’ll need to record everything you’ve already done and what’s planned ahead. Apart from the checklist, you also need to keep all the invoices, quotes, seating plans, receipts, patterns, instructions and so on in one place. You also might want to consider getting a wedding insurance policy, just in case.

Wedding Size, Venue And Date

1) Decide on the wedding: You need to determine how many guests will attend to help you decide on venue, food and invitations.

2) Choose the venue: Check out the options available, the marriage fees, the catering deals, venue decoration and so on. Inquire whether the quoted price covers everything or whether you will be required to pay additional fees.

3) Set the date: Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the date include the views of family and friends as well as availability of funds and venue.

Wedding Theme And Invitations

1) Choose a theme: Choose a wedding theme that’s easy to plan and implement. Everything must stick to the theme; including decorations.

2) Send out the invitations: Do research on the best design of wedding invitations and then order them six months before the wedding. The cards should be sent out two months before the wedding.

The Wedding Officiant

1) Choose your wedding officiant: If you want to have a faith-based wedding, then you should look for a priest, pastor, rabbi or minister. Most of these religious leaders will charge you a small fee to conduct the ceremony. For a secular wedding, choose an officiant, judge or anyone with the authority to preside over the wedding. You should organize this about eight months before the wedding.

Wedding Attire And Accessories

1) Research, choose and order the wedding dress: Begin to research wedding dress ideas around nine months before the wedding. Whether you are buying one custom made dress, modifying an heirloom wedding dress or buying a dress off-the-rack, it will certainly need some adjustments and fittings to be perfect. Choose a veil in case you will have one as well as shoes, from flip flop shoes to diamond coated satin slippers, depending on your preferences.

2) Choose bridesmaids dresses: They will certainly choose their style but it should be within your color choice. The dresses of the mother of the bride and the groom can also be chosen at this time.

3) Get groom and groomsmen clothing and tuxes ordered four months before the wedding.

Wedding Rings

1) Choose the rings: This is an interesting task to perform together and shows your love for each other. Many couples choose matching rings to symbolize that they share a soul. The selection of the ring should happen about five months prior to the wedding.

Photos, Videos And Entertainment

1) Find a photographer/videographer: It is advisable to choose a reliable professional for this task so that you won’t worry about him forgetting to take some photos. Relying on friends can sometimes lead to disappoint as he will not take the job seriously.

2) Hire entertainment: Begin by deciding whether you will need a quartet, band, orchestra, or a DJ. This aspect shouldn’t be booked last, since all the good wedding DJs and bands often get booked first.

Food And Cake

1) Decide on the kind of food and refreshments that will be offered at the reception: Find a balance between your budget and what will please your guests. Hire a professional caterer. Some couples base their wedding menu on family culture while others opt for popular dishes like Italian or Asian meals. When booking catering providers, you should also make reservations for other items such as tables, chairs, marquees, dinnerware and flatware, arches, linens and so on.

2) Choose a cake: Before choosing a cake, you should taste it first. Choose a cake that would not only match your wedding but would also please the bride and the groom. The cake should be delivered directly to the venue.

Transport Options

1) Choose suitable transportation: In case you have many venues, plan your transportation from the venue of the ceremony to the reception venue. Some couples can choose to rent a limo or ride in a stylish car. Others love horse-drawn carriages. If you plan to hire cars, book them early.

Honeymoon And Accommodation For Guests

1) Book accommodation for out-of-town guests: You need to reserve rooms for all guests that would be attending the wedding from other states or overseas. Group booking will ensure that they get the best packages but you should do this well in advance before the wedding.

2) Decide on whether you want to go for honeymoon quickly or want to have a wedding night room. Most couples usually book “honeymoon” suites for the wedding night to begin the honeymoon feeling before leaving the city where the wedding occurred, while others go for honeymoon straight after the wedding.

3) Research the honeymoon destination about 8 months to the wedding date. This would enable you take advantage of special deals and prices. Book early but always make the bookings flexible in case there is need for cancellation.

Pre-wedding And Post-wedding Parties

You should choose activities that would appeal to everyone. For instance, you can take your friends to wine tasting at a local restaurant, compete in golf, or organize the party in your backyard. The pre – wedding party can be organized around one week for the wedding while the post-wedding party can happen after the honeymoon. You can even use the pre-wedding party as a rehearsal where all the wedding parties would know their roles; including the bride, groom, bridesmaid, groomsmen, maid of honor, best man and so on.