Weddings are undoubtedly some of the most wonderful and memorable occasions. Not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well. It is therefore important to plan out each aspect of that special day very carefully. What most people do is plan out the ceremony, the reception and later on the evening party which more often than not involves a band or a DJ entertaining the guests with loud music. This has become the norm. Maybe because it is tried and true or because it is just safer to do so. But the fact that your wedding day is your special day dictates that you should be able to express yourself. This is the day you get to show every one of your friends and now new family members you eccentric personality. Tried and true methods are safe, and to some point adequately entertaining. But if you want to really push the envelope and do something new and different, you have the autonomy to do so. It is after all, your special day. Here are alternative wedding entertainment ideas that are both unique and thrilling.

1. Wine tasting: Being a merry making day, a little alcohol is always welcome. Instead of the usual open or cash bar, you could have a wine tasting session as part of the reception. Try as much as you can to get different and exotic wines that are not readily available in the local liquor stores. You can have several booths set up so that your guests can go around tasting the various wines. Have an expert educate them about wine and its rich history. This will add some sophistication to your wedding reception.

2. Comedy: Laughing is one of the greatest social unifiers. Hiring a good, wholesome comedian should go a long way in getting everyone in the right kind of party mood you would want them to be in. Make sure it’s a wholesome comedian, kids are also invited to these receptions.

3. Piano cover artists: There are artist out there that do nothing but cover hit songs through different instruments. Piano is one of the best. This gives your reception a classy feeling while providing the right kind of popular entertainment.

4. Exotic dance performances: Popular dances like Salsa, Tango and other Ballroom dances are very widely popular. You could hire a team of professionals to come entertain the guests and then there after offer free crush course lessons after the honored couple has had their first opening dance.

5. Cartoon artists: In conjunction with the regular photo sessions, you can hire a cartoonist to draw funny portraits of your guests as they enjoy themselves. These are very funny images of people that they will most definitely like to take home with them and will fondly remember your big day by.

6. Mariachi singers: Okay, this is not so original but it is a great way to surprise and entertain the quest. You can have the Mariachi singers interlude with the cover pianists so as to provide a variety of sounds at your wedding party.

7. Games: These can be board games or just wholesome family games like Charades. Try and include a different game at every table. This will help your guests loosen up and start interacting freely with each other. The friendlier they become, the more fun the night will get.

8. Hire a magician: Old is gold. Hiring a magician who will deeply involve your guests as part of their act is one way to have them thoroughly entertained. Everybody loves magic and having an illusionist present will only conjure up fun childhood memories for most of your guests.

9. Karaoke: Once everybody is good and drunk, you can have your entertainers bring out the karaoke machine for your guests to have a go at being pretend super stars. You can have a little competition going just to spice things up.

10. Photo booth: This should be part of the entertainment options for your guest. Have a tiny booth where your guests can squeeze into and have their funny photos taken. They can leave you a copy and take one home with them. This is a fun way for different friends and family members to bond and take mementos with them.

As mentioned earlier, weddings are supposed to be a day full of fun and merriment. Let your wedding entertainment ideas show your guests and family members just how much fun you can be.