Your wedding invitations give your guests a first look at the style of your wedding, and what your wedding will be like. Planning your wedding invitations could become overwhelming, considering all the details that must be accounted for, but if you check these wedding invitation ideas, the process will become easier to handle.

Before thinking of the look, account for time, costs and wedding etiquette:

Research stationeries early and choose one company to take care of everything including save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, programs, menu cards, gift bags, and thank-you notes. Send your save-the-dates 6 month before the wedding; your invitations, 2-3 months before the wedding; and your thank-you notes 2-4 weeks after receiving the gifts.

Account for costs of the printing techniques, ink, paper used, envelopes, hand-calligraphy, and postage. Avoid higher costs by printing envelopes with digital calligraphy and sending one invite per couple and families, if they are living together.

Be concise in the phrasing of your invitation and don’t forget to include location, date and time, the names of the bride and groom, who is hosting it, the people invited, and last but not least, an RSVP request and deadline. Avoid gaffes by writing registry information and other details on a separate note, or a wedding website, and by checking the spelling and readability.

Once you’ve taken care of all the boring details you can focus on your dream wedding invitations. First decide on your wedding theme and style and choose the invitations and all the stationeries appropriately. They must all be in one style and theme to create a long-lasting impression on your guests.

Check out different websites to understand what you are really looking for and what you like and what you don’t like.

Check out for the following details, and find out what you like:

1) Style – There are different styles of invitations, Elegant, Modern, Classic, Traditional, Vintage, Rustic, Romantic, etc. You can never go wrong in choosing the style of your invitation. The invitation must be in the style of your wedding.

2) Theme – The theme is the background where the invitation will be written. Some types of themes are floral based (roses, lilies), season based (fall, spring, winter, summer), location based (ocean, nature, destination, country), or cultural based (Indian, Western, Asian).

3) Design Color – You will have to choose the color of the paper, the font, as well as the background. It is important to choose elegant coloring, that offers readability overall. You can choose blue on white, golden, metallic fonts, reds, pearl design, etc. Just remember to know your color. All stationeries must be on the same coloring theme, and it should match your wedding colors overall.

4) Features and Formats – While 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card is traditional shape and size, you can play more with features and formats to make it more personal. You can use flat card, double sided, folded, z-fold, round invites to mention a few. Decide the shape and size that will fit best with your style and theme, as well as the text included.

5) Paper Type – There are many options you can go with, premium matte paper, smooth photo paper, signature textured paper, etc. Order out samples, take a closer look, and feel the texture. Once you see it, you will know by a gut feeling which one is right.

6) Printing Options – Digital, featherpress, foil, thermography, are some of the printing options you may have to choose from.

Once you have organized the details, and done the research, it will be easier to decide on the look of your invitation.

Make sure to be cohesive. Choose one style, theme, coloring, etc, for all printed materials, and match the details. For instance, if the style of your invitation is elegant, choose, an elegant theme, elegant colors, formats, paper type, and go for featherpress or letterpress instead of digital.

Do not go overboard. This includes excessive themes and coloring, but also excessive costs. Your dream wedding invitation can look just as beautiful if you stick to your budget.

Be personal. After all this is your wedding. If you are known for your humorous sides, don’t be afraid to show it in your invitations. One couple took inspiration from their favorite films and tv shows, and mimicked their invitations after them. Feel free to include quotes, lyrics or passages that are important to you, and part of your personal story, and don’t be afraid to commemorate your story in your invitations.